DataGarden: Revolutionizing Marketing Dashboard Templates

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What is the Problem?

DataGarden: Revolutionizing Marketing Dashboard Templates

Theory can only take you so far! 

Every one of us is quite familiar with this line from the Oscar-winning biopic film Oppenheimer. And we can’t agree more on this!

The theoretical data by Oppenheimer would have gone to waste if they hadn’t been presented practically as an experiment. 

Aye, chill, we are not going to create an atomic bomb or anything like that! 

We are marketers who can transform your businesses from THEORETICAL success to VISIBLE, EXPERIMENTAL success. As the old saying goes, ‘Data is Gold.’ We believe that with proper data-driven decisions, you can moonwalk your way as the leading business. 

So, when we have data, enthusiasm, and insights into our strategies. What’s missing? Los Alamos and Oppenheimer costume, just kidding. We often miss out on some custom, detailed, and interactive dashboards that will present our experimental success.

Talking about custom dashboards and not thinking about ReportGarden, well, that can't happen.

What is the Problem?

  • Challenges Faced by Marketers in Correlating Data to Marketing Goals and KPIs

Have you heard about large magnets used to separate iron junk from piles at a junkyard? Similarly, marketers need to find the right KPIs and metrics for their marketing goals. Many times, marketers face several challenges in measuring the ideal metrics.

One of the most difficult obstacles that marketers address is demonstrating their marketing return on investment (ROI) and assessing branding's impact on the sales funnel. The challenge lies in efficiently allocating resources so that marketing has the means to help grow the company. Maintaining the right balance between immediate profits and long-term brand development is a task that calls for a strategic viewpoint.

  • Limitations of Existing Dashboard Solutions in Meeting Diverse Industry Needs

A majority of dashboards do not display data in real-time, and if they do, the sheer number of metrics clogging the screens makes it very simple for users to overlook the most important details. An aspect that decision-makers can overlook is that the data displayed on typical dashboards depicts what has already occurred and may not be a trustworthy predictor of what will occur in the future. Selecting the right metrics to include in data analysis is more art than science when it comes to getting true, actionable marketing insights. 

In order to use ReportGarden as a solution for marketers to run their operations on a day-to-day basis, the following limitations exist

  • Track data against pre-set KPIs for time duration and show whether you are on track or not
  • Have a holistic view of all clients/campaigns along with their Goals and KPIs
  • Rolling Averages, extrapolation of data (eg, pacing)
  • Formulae that are dependent on external variables like period, remaining days of a month, etc
  • Ability to include/exclude certain days of a week for calculations (eg, exclude weekends)
  • Conditional formulae
  • Add metadata fields to campaign, ad, etc and analyze by grouping data against metadata
  • Blend data across disparate data sources - for eg, GA and GA4. This is because there is no direct correlation that is deterministic for GA and GA4 metrics that can be uniformly rolled out to clients

What can be the Solution?

1. Data Pipelines

A data pipeline is intended to help accelerate the process by collecting all of the marketing data into just one database, which is often organized consistently or systematically. The team may then gain access to the data whenever they want, evaluate it, and generate reports as necessary. Here are some ways in which data pipelines are the solution to your marketing problems.

  1. Data pipelines streamline the process of combining data from several sources, minimizing the chance of errors and saving valuable time.
  2. Data pipelines provide the freedom to alter data handling and reporting in order to meet the specific needs of every client and achieve strategic objectives.
  3. Data pipelines use advanced procedures for data validation, cleaning, and replication, guaranteeing data integrity and delivery reliability.
  4. Data pipelines' hierarchical structure makes scalable distribution easier, allowing them to adjust to changing data volumes and specific business requirements.

2. DataGarden Dashboards 

Simple and conventional dashboards give a simple overview of the different marketing metrics. However, these dashboards do not provide a detailed analysis of the marketing funnels about the different marketing channels. 

The new and advanced DataGarden platform provides marketers with cutting-edge, interactive dashboards to marketers. These dashboards have no-code solutions to create personalized presentation layers for marketers to create desired dashboards for their clients. DataGarden provides several intriguing features, like

  1. Marketers can use dashboards that offer visibility into the health and feedback of the client account. 
  2. Integration with CRM, payment processing, and bringing customer data into a single application.
  3. SLA dashboards are used to monitor team performance and track specific metrics like response time and more. 
  4. Integration with multiple social media channels for data updates, notifications, metrics, and workflows. 

DataGarden Dashboards

ReportGarden is well known for its interactive DataGarden dashboards. Here are some of them with their most liked features.  

Budget Pacing Dashboard

That green, crispy piece of paper in your pockets can bring a lot of changes! Money is the sole driving force behind every business. Budget allocation is important for every business. Determining how much money has been allocated and used and what remains is crucial when you are running multiple campaigns. Is the budget sufficient? Do you need more money, or do you need to cut down on your expenses? 

Here is an answer to the questions: Our budget pacing dashboard! The dashboard includes details about every single penny you have invested in your marketing campaign. It also notifies you of the metrics related to the money you spend.  

Agency Tracking Dashboard

Are you still creating separate sheets for different marketing channels? If you are, then we must say you are living under the rock as businesses have taken the leap using agency tracking dashboards. 

DataGarden’s agency tracking dashboard provides one space for tracking multiple social channels. No need to shuffle between different sheets anymore. With the help of this dashboard, you can get a collective overview of all the metrics from different platforms.

Social Media KPI Dashboard

Following trends, posting regular reels and posts, and interacting with the audience, but is it even helping your client? As a marketer, it is important to track every activity on social media channels. The way its impact is increasing is tremendous. 

DataGarden's social media KPI dashboard tracks EVERY single activity in your posts and other social media activities. Additionally, this dashboard allows you to track the performance of your marketing efforts every quarter. This gives you detailed insights into if you have performed well or not.

Choose the road not taken or continue on the same road? Get your answer with this dashboard!

Omni Channel Brand Marketing Dashboard

Posted posts on Instagram, Facebook, X, and TikTok? Stop jumping over different tabs to check your post’s performance. DataGarden’s omnichannel brand marketing dashboard gives you one spot to keep tabs on your performance on every marketing channel you are using. 

The dashboard offers three different views:

  • Top of the funnel: awareness of your campaigns
  • Middle of the funnel: engagement in your campaigns
  • Bottom of the funnel: conversions from your campaigns

Multi-Location Performance Tracking Dashboard

For businesses running across different locations in a single country or around the world, maintaining the records of different locations can be a task for the marketing teams.

DataGarden’s multi-location performance dashboard brings together all location operations on a single dashboard for every client. Marketers can easily monitor every metric from anywhere around the world. 

No hassle, just simple reporting!

Benefits of DataGarden Dashboards

Here are some major benefits of our customizable dashboards:

  • Using your data, we help you create intricate dashboards with the ideal metrics and KPIs. These dashboards help you fulfill your client’s marketing targets easily.
  • Learning from past strategies becomes easier with our exceptional yet inexpensive dashboards. The dashboards offer in-depth comparisons and measures to follow from the past data.
  • Every client is unique, and so are their requirements. To bring them what they want, marketers can use custom dashboards from ReportGarden.
  • Teamwork always leads to success. With easy collaborations and designed workflows, marketers can make data-driven decisions for each of their clients’ marketing strategies. 


Marketing was and has never been a piece of cake. It has always been a demanding job. Marketers need always to have their minds lit with new ideas, creative campaigns, and so much more with this leading Gen Z wave of social media.

Juggling between so many things, marketers need to have easy access to their efforts that can help them analyze their marketing campaigns, successes, and failures.

Coming to the rescue, ReportGarden offers a multitude of custom dashboards that offer marketers a sign of relief with detailed insights into every little actionable metric. Create butter smooth marketing campaigns with DataGarden dashboards.

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