Our Journey in 2017

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Our Journey in 2017
We get people to love our brand by getting them to
love our product!

Because..We understand! For you to love a product that should be the ONE solution to all your needs. And this is how the biggest transition in our history started!

This past year, Agencies have increasingly been turning to find the right bunch of tools for their agency management with the expectation of getting the perfect combination. All they needed was an easy-to-use interface to track timelines, tasks, time, and budgets. They needed something which people will actually want to use and get benefited on a daily basis. We saw that play out with multiple questions popping out in “forums” and talking to numerous people in the advertising field. Across the world, more than 600 Digital Ad Agencies turned to ReportGarden to help themselves with their Client and Agency management tasks.

As small agencies grow, the systems and processes that previously worked for a them if implemented again, they often struggle to scale. Excel and Google Docs are great, but the best agency management tool can help you work even smarter. These features can help plan, organise, and manage clients as well as agency resources. Find out about everything was that rolled out in 2017 for various Agency Challenges:

Keep activities on track for Client management

Budgeting Software

ReportGarden acts as a control hub to track campaign numbers, integrate accounts into budgets, optimise ad spend on real-time and provides peace of mind to everyone from analysts to clients.

  • Pacing : Track the seasonality of your budget spend
  • Multi-Accounts : Track your client budget at multi level across multi platform campaigns and accounts
  • Notifications : Get notified when client’s spend nears its budget or it is not at par with the estimated spend
  • Rollover : Carry forward your budget to the next month when your Ad spend is less than the budget
  • Dashboards : Manage multiple clients across various campaigns and accounts in one single dashboard

Ad Agency Billing software

Create automated invoices using templates with all the ad spend data and key metrics automatically available at just one click. ReportGarden keeps track of all our clients invoices at a single place.

  • Simple Invoicing : Bill your clients based on a Flat fee,  Adspend % or a combination of both
  • Invoice templates : Create your own template to simplify the billing option use it in scheduling of invoices
  • ETL Tool : Collect ad spend data from multiple platforms like Adroll, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more
  • Integrations : Can integrate to various finance and accounting products such as Quickbooks
  • Reporting : Create reports on revenue forecasting, receivables, invoice open rate and turnaround time for payments
  • Notification/ Auto Reminders : Get reminded on invoices and expedite the payment process from client
  • Reconciliation : Evaluate their financial health to evaluate our clients

Approval software

Until now, managing approvals has been a tedious, painful chore. ReportGarden is revolutionising the entire process, throughout the life cycle of client management. Seamlessly manage client approvals in a single location along with notification and alerts.

  • Mail Integration : Drop project approvals directly to your client inbox
  • Auto notifications : Set due dates on approvals and send notifications to your client before and after due days
  • Process transparency : Maintain transparency by letting your client see the list of approvals received in his portal
  • Pre-made templates : Choose from a huge list of templates to find the one which best suits your needs
  • Approval Workflow status : Check the status of an approval in the approvals dashboard whether they are approved, pending, rejected
  • Single platform : Get reports on client turnaround time and current situation of a project for team management

For effective Prospect management

Lead generation

Capture all your SEO website traffic information and convert them to Quality leads and generate free SEO audit reports for them on their websites.

  • Local Citation Scan widgets : Create custom and comprehensive Local Citation Scan widgets on your website and start generating high-quality leads
  • White-labelled Scan Portal : Capture all your SEO website traffic information and convert them to Quality leads by acquiring their website information
  • Send Free SEO Audit reports : Let all your Traffic use the audit tool and generate free SEO audit reports on their websites.

SEO Audit tool

Ensure every webpage of your client has a purpose with ReportGarden’s SEO Audit Tool. This style of auditing best fits the needs of Digital Ad Agencies. Presenting Brand New SEO Audit Tool!

  • Organic Search Keyword ranking : Show your clients what targeted keywords are being represented by which page on their website
  • Offline backlink analysis : Analyse the quality and quantity of the backlinks pointing to the website
  • Website analysis : Perform a detailed Website Audit across multiple data points, and get insights on SEO errors you need to fix

Proposals software

Every client has individual needs. The strategy and approach to each client would be different. With ReportGarden, send customised project proposals to your clients, turn all your strategies to actionable plans and achieve success.

  • White-labeled proposals : Showcase your brand with white labeled proposals in the client portal
  • Digital Marketing Proposal template : Provides a complete guide for pitching your services like SEO, PPC, digital content and video marketing
  • SEO Proposal template : Pitch the services you offer to your client such as Website SEO Audit, SEO Content Development, Link Development, Backlink analysis
  • Social Media Proposal template : Explain how your social media strategies like brand promotion, campaigns, engagement, lead generation, will increase the conversion rate
  • Website design Proposal template : Convey the services you offer to your client, change the layout, drag & drop widgets, brand logo, insert text, images etc. to match your business
  • Branding Proposal template : Pitch the services you offer to your client like brand promotion, discovery, brand evangelism, strategy

A look at our 2017 highlights

In 2017, we linked 1M+ Client accounts, generated 0.8M+ reports, tracked 2.5M+ Client Ad spend and 166K+ Keyword rankings, along with doubling in headcount (120+ employees) and customers (2K+ Agencies), to enable our growth and customer satisfaction.

We’ve built ReportGarden keeping Agency needs in mind. Believe us when you try us!

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