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Marketing Agency Management Software

After working with over 1,400 digital agencies over the last 6 years, we’ve witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of tools needed to do business.

For example, if you’re involved with agency project management, you probably use some combination of:

  • Google Drive for creating and storing your raw documents
  • Asana, Basecamp, Slack, or Workamajig for team collaboration and file sharing
  • Trello (or some kanban board equivalent) for project planning and task management
  • Freshbooks or Quickbooks for invoicing and time tracking
  • Proposify for creating proposals
  • Ahrefs or SEMrush for SEO management
  • All of the big social media, search, and eCommerce ad platforms
  • A reporting software (maybe even ReportGarden) to prove your value to clients

And this is just scratching the surface.

When we launched ReportGarden back in 2013, the landscape of tools that agencies needed to use was nowhere near what it is today. Since then, we’ve become acutely aware of the challenges inherent in having to use so many tools to run your business.

You waste time and effort looking for a tool to fix one problem after another. And you’ve ended up with a bunch of disparate tools that function differently and don’t communicate with each other. That’s not ideal, and seeing these problems play out in our customers’ agencies made us realize that we were solving one small part of a much bigger problem.

So we asked ourselves: What if the average account or project manager could handle 10 clients at a time, or even 20, instead of maxing out at four or five? How can we create a project management tool that automates and streamlines the fundamental tasks that are required of most digital agencies?

These questions are what led us to the decision to build something bigger—an end-to-end marketing agency management system, where nearly all the challenges you face are managed in one, cohesive tool.

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End-to-End Marketing Agency Management Software

Beginning this year, and continuing on through 2020, we’re rolling out the new ReportGarden platform.

Traditionally, ReportGarden has solved one key issue that digital marketing agencies face after a campaign ends: Reporting. Our agency software has used drag and drop functionality to provide a user friendly tool for building dashboards to track projects and report on client KPI’s. And by connecting to multiple data sources and continuously updating in real-time, it’s allowed our users to prove their value and keep their clients happy.

But there’s a ton of back and forth collaboration and customer relationship management that happens before and during campaigns—most of it behind the scenes and invisible to clients, executives, and the wider team.

The new version of ReportGarden is a project management solution that helps you solve all those other issues, and it’s packed full of new, customizable features aimed at streamlining the entire client management process, from end-to-end, including:

  • Proposals
  • Invoicing
  • Budgeting
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Call tracking
  • Client project management

Here’s a little more on what users can expect from the new ReportGarden features launching throughout the rest of 2019.

Making It Easier to Track and Communicate Ad Spend

Marketing Agency Management Software Budgeting feature

When it comes to budgeting for marketing and ad spend, there are two big problems we see customers facing:

  • Managing campaign pacing to stay on budget
  • Communicating spend details to clients

Our new budgeting features are designed to solve both of those problems. The new tool tracks spend pacing for ad campaigns and lets you know whether you’re on track to underspend, overspend, or spend just the right amount. You can see daily tracking of spend across both campaigns and channels, as well as return on ad spend (ROAS).

Managing Client Proposals and E-Signatures in One Place

Marketing Agency Management Software Proposals feature

When it comes to winning new clients, nearly every agency has to put together professional and compelling proposals. But before we launched the new ReportGarden, creating proposals required getting set up with yet another new tool and led to wasting your finite resources:

  • Time wasted researching a new tool
  • Budget wasted buying another tool
  • Frustration from learning another new tool
  • Energy wasted getting the rest of your team members to adopt another new tool

Instead, we’ve built proposals right into our software. Without leaving the ReportGarden app, agencies can:

  • Build and customize professional-looking proposals, choosing from our library of templates
  • Send proposals directly to new clients, detailing your project deliverables
  • Collect e-signatures
  • Access the signed proposal with your other client management docs in ReportGarden

Keeping Tabs on Search Efforts and Client Websites

Marketing Agency Management Software SEO feature

The search world, even more than other areas of digital marketing, is saturated with tools that solve one small part of overall SEO. It’s easy to wind up using Ahrefs for keyword research and Moz for SERP tracking and Screaming Frog for site auditing… and so on.

Instead, we’re building SEO features that can handle it all—in the same place you do your reporting, budgeting, invoicing, and more.

  • Our site auditor tool enables you to quickly audit client websites and diagnose common SEO errors, so you can get them fixed faster and show clients immediate results.
  • SEO rank tracking features make it easy to see the fruits of your SEO efforts, tracking keyword rankings across search engines, devices, zip codes, and more.

The Best Marketing Agency Management Software

According to a 2015 report from The Winterberry Group, the average marketer uses 12 tools to manage their marketing and advertising. Add in all the other functions an agency marketer has to handle, and you may easily find yourself using over 20 tools.

With our new and updated ReportGarden, you could get all the same functionality—built for visibility and streamlined for efficiency—in one tool.

Sign up and try ReportGarden free for 7 days (no credit card required) to see how much easier client management can be.

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