Introducing Moosend Integration with ReportGarden!

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What is the Problem?

Introducing Moosend Integration with ReportGarden!

Now, with ReportGarden you can track your Moosend Email Campaign Metrics for Agencies. This helps you to use Moosend Reports to help your clients explore data in fresh ways!

Why do you need to report your Email Metrics?

Marketers these days are looking at Email Marketing as one of the most measurable marketing channels and it’s definitely proved to be one of the key reasons for the growth of businesses. Not to forget, an email Marketing tool like Moosend serves marketers for the best email automation. It is the coolest Email Marketing Service Provider around, yielding world-class features while keeping things simple and intuitive.

Now, to answer our question of why you need to track the email metrics, let’s consider a scenario these email marketers could be facing. They have come up with amazing strategies and well executed them, but fail in optimizing it in a way that it lasts for long. This happens when there’s a lot of data and it gets hard to look at the metrics that matter. Reporting these metrics is as important as curating the strategies itself! Peter Drucker says, “What gets measured, gets managed and optimized”.

Now, with ReportGarden you can track all your metrics of Moosend Email Campaigns!

How do you setup your email marketing client reports?

Setting up reports for your email marketing campaigns can be done within minutes using tools like ReportGarden. With ReportGarden, you can just go ahead linking your email automation tool and easily create reports.

Key features of ReportGarden for reporting on your email metrics:

  • Drag and drop widgets to ease your reporting.
  • Email marketing integrations available.
  • Using ReportGarden’s simple editor you can track important metrics of your choice for a complete picture of your campaigns.
  • White-labeled option, so that you can build a custom report that matches your branding and signature look.
  • Automate your reports with a single-click.

How do you connect Moosend in the ReportGarden app?

  • Log into your ReportGarden app.
  • Go to Accounts page by clicking on Accounts button on the left navigation menu. Open Account Linking dialog box by clicking on “Link Account” button.
  • Select “Moosend” from the list of integrations.
  • You will be redirected to a Setup page which requests you to provide your Account Name and API Key for your Moosend account.
  • You can now create reports, dashboards and schedule reports after you have successfully linked your Moosend account.

The key METRICS you need to track right away!

Focusing on the right metrics will help you to analyze and improve any of your marketing campaigns. With so many numbers up in the air, it’s important for marketers to have an explicit understanding of critical metrics.

In the past, email reporting has been lackluster (mostly reporting vanity metrics like open and click-through rates and not much else) which caused many marketers to focus on basic email metrics like the number of subscribers, opens, and clicks.

But sophisticated marketers need to go beyond opens and clicks as an authentic email marketing strategy is about long-term subscriber activity, engagement trends, and optimization. The metrics you chose to report on are crucial to gain insights and act upon them to further optimize your campaigns.

Below are the key metrics, we recommend you to report on for better optimization of campaigns.

  • Open Rate
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Unique clicks and unique open rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Opens by device
  • Spam score
  • List Growth Rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Return on investment (ROI)


You can leverage your email marketing strategies with reporting which is all about creating the right reports and identifying powerful insights that are easy to take action on. You can use these insights to continually create better performing campaigns that generate undeniable results for your business.

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