Benchmark and Monitor your PPC Account Health 

A very visual one page view of all the critical metrics across every single one of your clients

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Find out if your ppc ads are meeting or missing their goals, instantly!

To succeed with PPC, you’ll need to regularly review, analyze and optimize your account’s performance. Without a good tool, the task of monitoring your account can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Account Monitoring Tool by ReportGarden solves this problem, beautifully!


Get a quick overview of how your critical KPIs are Performing


          A single color-coded dot to indicate your Account Health               

Each day, when you log in, you’ll want a quick performance overview of your accounts and key KPIs. This can be a very time-consuming, especially when managing multiple accounts. ReportGarden provides a single color-coded dot to tell you exactly which accounts and KPIs need your attention.

Simple KPI indicators to tell you if things are going well.

Impressions  |  Clicks  |  Cost  |  Conversions  |  Converted Clicks

Make the most of your keywords and budget with better monitoring


First sort it by a metric in order to focus

When analyzing your account, since account entities like campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords have a hierarchy, you need to first sort it by a metric and drill down into the performance data at each level. ReportGarden’s PPC Ads Monitoring Tool gives you a quick one page view of this granular data.

Monitor performance metrics at all the levels of your account.

Campaigns  |  Ad groups  | Ads  | Keywords

Identify the trends to optimize your campaign


Measuring and comparing performance by date ranges

 How did the KPIs perform in the last week when compared to the 7 days before that? Along with a good overview of your account’s performance, you will need comparison data on a weekly and monthly basis, to generate actionable insights. ReportGarden provides indicators to instantly identify trends and anomalies.

Visual Indicators to help you identify anomalies

Daily  |  Weekly  |  Monthly  |  Yearly  |  Custom Date Range

Every integration in ReportGarden is client driven.