Benchmark and Monitor your PPC Account Health 

A very visual one page view of all the critical metrics across every single one of your clients

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Find out if your ppc ads are meeting or missing their goals, instantly!

To succeed with PPC, you’ll need to regularly review, analyze and optimize your account’s performance. Without a good tool, the task of monitoring your account can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Account Monitoring Tool by ReportGarden solves this problem, beautifully!


Get a quick overview of how your critical KPIs are Performing


          A single color-coded dot to indicate your Account Health               

Each day, when you log in, you’ll want a quick performance overview of your accounts and key KPIs. This can be a very time-consuming, especially when managing multiple accounts. ReportGarden provides a single color-coded dot to tell you exactly which accounts and KPIs need your attention.

Simple KPI indicators to tell you if things are going well.

Impressions  |  Clicks  |  Cost  |  Conversions  |  Converted Clicks

Make the most of your keywords and budget with better monitoring


First sort it by a metric in order to focus

When analyzing your account, since account entities like campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords have a hierarchy, you need to first sort it by a metric and drill down into the performance data at each level. ReportGarden’s PPC Ads Monitoring Tool gives you a quick one page view of this granular data.

Monitor performance metrics at all the levels of your account.

Campaigns  |  Ad groups  | Ads  | Keywords

Identify the trends to optimize your campaign


Measuring and comparing performance by date ranges

 How did the KPIs perform in the last week when compared to the 7 days before that? Along with a good overview of your account’s performance, you will need comparison data on a weekly and monthly basis, to generate actionable insights. ReportGarden provides indicators to instantly identify trends and anomalies.

Visual Indicators to help you identify anomalies

Daily  |  Weekly  |  Monthly  |  Yearly  |  Custom Date Range

Every integration in ReportGarden is client driven.


Vasu Paidi, CEO, PPC Pundit

“ReportGarden as a software, is so easy to use compared to any other reporting tool out there. I’ve tried a lot and have even looked longer for a really good tool. I finally found report garden.”

 Stephen Beath, Director, Onmark Limited

“As a busy online marketing agency we were looking for a solution to help make our reporting easier and faster to reduce costs for our business. We ended up selecting Reportgarden due to the ease of use and flexible reporting tools it offered.”

Sean Ryan, Incredible Marketing

“It just took me about 15 min to set up my own template to use on all future reports and now my reports get generated automatically and sent to my clients each month.”