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Autogenerate unlimited custom adwords reports for clients, Customize based on what they need exactly!


adwords reporting Software
adwords reporting Software

From Adwords data to insights.

ReportGarden lets you present performance and conversion metrics for the entire spectrum of account segmentation, from keywords to campaigns. Visualize AdWords data, that you want to.

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 Add post-click metrics with GA.

ReportGarden lets you present goals and conversion related metrics along with AdWords data. Reporting ROI numbers brings great credibility to your AdWords reports. Now add GA data with the click of a button!

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AdWords Reports for Clients

Every client is unique. That is why you need a tool that will help you quickly customize reports to each client. Whether it is an E-commerce company, small business or an enterprise you can create reports with ease, using ReportGarden. A whole spectrum of Adwords reports can be generated using ReportGarden:

  • Adwords Performance Reports
  • Adwords Audit Reports
  • Adwords Campaign Reports
  • Adwords Conversion Reports
  • Adwords Budget Performance


adwords reporting software

Create, save, and schedule custom Adwords reports



Google AdWords Report Sample

This is an example report showing and explaining what metrics & dimensions to be included in a client AdWords Report. And how beautiful client reports can be prepared and scheduled using ReportGarden.

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Google AdWords Report Templates

Instead of creating custom reports for each of your client, simply select a template from the wide range of custom-built templates provided by ReportGarden. Unlimited AdWords reports can then be generated based on this template!



Choose from multiple custom-built templates to create reports




A simple drag-and-drop interface

Our WYSIWYG style report lets you quickly build and manipulate multi-dimensional tables and charts. Our editor also helps you create widgets that can be added to your reports. Depending on the type of client you can create custom widgets that help them understand the results.

Some examples of widgets that can be created are

  • Monthly Network performance
  • Weekly Clicks
  • Top Ads by Conversions
  • Search queries widget
custom google adwords reporting software

Slice and dice your data with finer granularity 



AdWords Video Reports

ReportGarden lets you present specific performance data about your video campaigns that interest you, by customizing the statistics tables of your AdWords account using columns, segments, and filters.

Search Terms Reports

Identify new search terms with high potential, and add them to your keyword list. Look for search terms that aren’t as relevant to your business, and add them as negative keywords.

Call Tracking Reports

AdWords call tracking reports helps you track calls back to specific campaigns and keywords. ReportGarden lets you present conversions, budget spent and results across devices using a range of performance metrics.

Geographic Reports

This includes all performance metrics aggregated at the country/territory level, one row per country/territory. Map widget from ReportGarden helps you visualize ad performance across different locations. 

Keyword Performance Reports

Keywords need to be tracked continuously to optimize the campaigns and outcomes. ReportGarden provides visualizations at metrics level which helps you identify low performing keywords instantly.

AdWords Audit Reports

ReportGarden’s AdWords Audit Reports help advertisers better understand how well their campaigns are performing compared to PPC best practices. This helps you arrive at a final grade on your overall AdWords performance.

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