Empower your SEO strategy with the right keywords

Use ReportGarden to ensure your website is optimized with the best keywords.

Integrate targeted keywords from search engines

Create keyword groups for each SEO campaign

Analyse keyword performance with define metrics

Track your keywords to discover which ones perform

ReportGarden empowers marketing agencies with a cloud-based software to track their keywords to optimize their SEO strategies

How can you improve keyword analysis

Keywords decide the success of your SEO strategy and keeping track of their performance is a challenge. With ReportGarden’s assistance, marketing agencies can track their keyword’s performance on a single dashboard and gain unique insights.

ReportGarden seo audit tool for keyword analysis

Keyword tracking for all your SEO campaigns on one dashboard

Keeping track of keywords across online ad platforms is inconvenient. With ReportGarden, you can view the keyword search volume for all your campaigns across all online platforms. Furthermore, you access our keyword suggestion tool to optimize your campaigns.


SEO strategies succeed with accurate keyword reports

Discovering your keywords’ performance helps enhance your strategy. ReportGarden offers both dynamic and static keyword reports that help assess each of your targeted keywords. You can then choose to focus on keywords that increase your website traffic.

ReportGarden seo audit tool for backlink analysis
ReportGarden seo audit tool for website analysis

Competitor’s SEO strategies revealed

Being aware of your competitor’s strategy helps improve your marketing strategy. ReportGarden analyses competitor websites to help you rank above them. Discover insights into more tactics you can execute on your site.


Discover how you can use ReportGarden to enhance your keyword strategy and rank higher on search engines.