10 Reasons To Encourage You Using Bing Ads In Addition To Google Ads

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10 Reasons To Encourage You Using Bing Ads In Addition To Google Ads

Google totally dominates the search and paid advertising channels, guess this is the sole reason why most of us often overlook Bing. So even you choose Google to run your paid search campaigns? Well, I understand who doesn’t want higher quality paid traffic and more conversions. But wait, with BING you could actually lower your costs per acquisition (CPA) and increase the overall conversions. Yes, you heard me right, by using Bing Ads you can leverage on lower CPA’s and CPC’s than Google Ads because of one simple reason – Less Competition.

For those who still don’t know Bing Ads, let me introduce it to you. Bing Ads is Microsoft and Yahoo’s alternative platform that is trying to compete with the well-known Google Ads. They essentially provides the advertisers with one single platform to place ads on two search engine results pages (SERP) i.e. Bing and Yahoo.

Sadly, many advertisers still try to stick to the easy route with the bigger name and ignore Bing Ads. Bing PPC term has never been mention by many marketing gurus, but today this blog post will change your thoughts. This will give you enough reasons to make Bing a part of your digital strategy and allocate a portion of your clients’ budgets to compare results.

Bing Ads

Google Ads Vs Bing Ads

Irrespective of which method you choose for your campaign, there are some noteworthy differences between Bing Ads and Google Ads you should know. Listed below are few of the major differences between the two:

  • Ad Location –When you use Bing Ads to advertise, your advertising campaigns would be located on Bing, Yahoo and their respective partners. On the other hand ads in Google Ads are placed on Google and at their partners.
  • Description Text – Google Ads allows two description lines which are limited to 35 characters each, whereas Bing text ad offers one longer line with a limit of 71 characters. Text ad in Bing gives more information to the visitor, thereby pushing him/her for a click.
  • Keywords Tool – Similar to Google Ads, Bing Ads has a tool that helps  to find keywords. The only hiccup here is the traffic volume is lower when compared to Google Ads. The tools shows location wise CTR for each keyword, along with monthly impressions and spend. There is also an option to pull a particular website keywords .
  • Negative Keywords – Bing does not allow broad match negative keywords but Google Ads does.
  • Budget – Both Bing Ads and Google Ads allow the users to adjust and limit their ad spend on a daily basis. Bing also offers a setting for monthly ad spend limit.
  • Targeting – There are significant difference in some of the targeting options for each platform (like, time, location, etc.). It is important to review the options within each platform as one setting for Bing might not work on Google Ads, so you will have to adjust.
  • PPC – Well Bing PPC and Google Ads PPC is pretty much the same in terms of targeting. Bing Ads help you better target users based on the devices they use. If you have an android app, then through bing you could target search from android devices only. The PPC from Bing for this targeting criteria makes the campaign more efficient.

10 Reasons You Should Use Bing Ads In Addition To Google Ads

According to sources, “Bing has roughly 21% of the search engine market share as compared to Google’s 64%”. Here are 10 compelling reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Bing:

Bing Ads - Google

1. Reach 33 Percent of U.S. Consumers

If you haven’t included Bing Ads as part of your search marketing strategy, it means you are missing out on more than 30% of the search traffic in the United States. Yes, Bing holds around 33% of the search marketplace in the United States, which includes searches from Bing, Yahoo, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Kindle, many more of such search partners. If you are passing on Bing it surely means you are passing on a lot of traffic in the US.

2. Less Competition

Like I already said, many marketers are using Google Ads and ignoring Bing ads. This makes clear one fact that your competitors are not there. So while your competitors choose not to reap the benefits of advertising on Bing Ads you can leverage their loss for your advantage. Since competition is much lower in Bing, it becomes much easier for you to get the traffic you need. In fact, in few cases you can win on as the sole bidder for certain keywords. You will also require a lesser budget to run ppc campaigns on this search platform.

average cost per click-bing-ads

3. Better ROI

Campaigns in Bing Ads have a tendency to be more effective as they get higher click through rates (CTR) with a lower cost per click (CPC); this normally translates to better ROI. Google Ads might be a good option for those who are solely looking for volume. But through Bing, you can achieve great results when it comes to getting the most out of your investments. Mobile search advertisements are more focused, and you can get into granular level of the campaign.

4. Super Simple Set Up

You need to begin by creating an account on Bing which is super simple. Once this is done, Bing offers you with the opportunity to import existing Google Ads campaigns from Google. This means you will not have to recreate campaigns that you successfully run on Google Ads.

Bing ads account creation

5. Increased Control

Unlike Google Ads, Bing permits you to assign different ad campaigns to different time zones. This makes it much easier to manage sophisticated ad scheduling strategies in Bing. In Google Ads, Google lets you set your network, language, location, ad scheduling, and ad rotation settings at the campaign level, and the ad groups are constrained to their campaign-level settings. But Bing Ads opens up these options at the ad group level, letting you quickly adjust a setting for a particular ad group. Bing also has intelligent tools that will help you understand your search ads, and keywords.

search engines-bing-ads

6. 3 Search Engines

Bing has 3 search engines while Google has just 1, so when you advertise on the Bing platform your advertisement is seen on – Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. This connects you with millions of searchers expanding your reach to a larger set of audience. This also means that you can expect a overall higher click-through rates.

7. Automated Rules

Bing Ads automated rules let you manage your account and campaigns effectively. Automated rules, basically let you make automatic changes based on specific rules and conditions set up in your accounts. Users can change their status, bids, budget, and more. Automated rules can save you lots of management time which would otherwise go waste in launching new campaigns on new platforms.

8. Drive More For Less Money (Leads, Sales, And Traffic)

Perceptibly, lower competition means lower bids and a lower cost per click (CPC). Since less number of advertisers competes and bid on the same keywords, you would need to pay less for a click on that keyword unlike on Google Ads. Ultimately, you drive much more leads, traffic and sales for much less money the difference can be as high as 50%.

better mobile subscription

9. Better Mobile Targeting

Mobile ad targeting on Google Ads is very limited. Bing allows you to target specific devices based on their type and OS. If your target demographic favors a particular mobile OS, or if your product is focused on a particular mobile device, you can serve highly targeted ads to them.

10. Greater Transparency

Bing is a fully transparent platform when it comes to disclosing details about the performance of their search partners. Bing can provide you with detailed reports on the performance of each of the search partner in your campaigns; these reports would include details on all their metrics, starting from impressions to conversions.

Just Try It!

If you’re still skeptical about Bing Ads, just create an account and set up a few test campaigns to get a feel of what bids on Bing are like and what kind of search volume you can expect. So, if you have a budget for online advertising, it’s would be wise enough to invest some on Bing Ads. You will reach people who are not using Google for their online searches. Bing Ads is one great way to tap markets which for long has been untapped.

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