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Monitor your overall search engine visibility effortlessly


Get up to date and easy to analyse keyword ranking data

Tracking your most valuable keywords on a daily basis, helps you diagnose issues quickly and prioritize your efforts. Reportgarden’s Keyword Rank Tracking Software enables you to track multiple keywords across search engines, simultaneously. Now quickly understand if your SEO efforts are producing the expected results. 

Experiment, track your progress and learn along the way.

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Manage your keywords data better to improve rankings


 Don’t get lost in the huge keywords data. Organize.

Your ability to efficiently track and manage hundreds of keywords, determines your SEO success. ReportGarden gives you the flexibility to group keywords by brand names and add the same keyword to different groups. You can now track all your keywords, simultaneously, on a single dashboard!

Group your keywords into logical sets and start tracking

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 Keep an eye on your competitors. See what’s working for them


 Gain valuable insights into your competitor’s keyword strategy

Tracking your competitors is critical to SEO success. A side-by-side comparison of your rankings versus your competitors’, will help you identify new keyword opportunities and discover weak spots. Increase your keyword pool to reach more prospective customers and optimize your content & ad strategy.

Stay a step ahead of your competitors

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Google Analytics Reports

Generate custom Google Analytics Reports for your clients to present the success of your marketing efforts!


Facebook Reports

Custom Facebook Reports to present targeted adverts & budget spent using a range of performance metrics.


Twitter Reports

Beautiful Twitter reports to show easily digestible analytics data and effectively track performance!


Google AdWords Reports

Perfect Adwords Reporting Tool for your clients to generate and send reports automatically!