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Extracting quick metrics, scheduling reports, and monitoring budgets — let Spark do it for you. Your personalized Ad-reporting assistant can manage budgets, ad campaigns, keyword tracking just over a chat, all round the clock!

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Ad Performance Overview

Spark, an ad reporting chatbot on Slack, allows you to access critical ad campaign metrics from Google Adwords in a snapshot, just over chat. A quick overview of an ad campaign and its performance can be provided by the chatbot. The most exciting part is that you can access such information about every client and will also let you help your clients with ad-hoc information needs. You can get hold of important information for any given time period, just at a click or a touch. Get an ad campaign overview on Slack.

AdWords Campaign Metrics

Get quick metrics like clicks, impressions, views, ad spends, CPMs, conversions in real-time and everything that can help you improve your AdWords campaigns. Spark can help you with a list of commands that will let you draw individual and consolidated ad data.  Ask us more about metrics 

Keywords & AdGroups

For a selected campaign, you can get the most important and high-performing keywords. You can also choose to access the ad group information at a high level. This allows you to stay agile with strategic decision making and would also improve the return on ad spend (ROAS).

Empower Global Ad Teams

Access ad performance metrics at a click, with Spark. Teams across the globe can stay informed on-the-go. Spark aims to empower your ad management teams to take prompt decisions and stay ahead in delivering a better client satisfaction.

Stay Tuned, Upcoming features.

Keep an eye on this section to know what's new with Spark, enabling you to do better reporting. Spark on Slack.

Facebook Ad Reporting

Capture likes, shares, comments, signups, conversions and other Facebook ad reporting metrics that matter to your client.

Scheduling Reports

Automate your ad reporting efforts using Spark. Delegate sending and scheduling reports to your chatbot instead of doing yourself.

Budget Triggers

Stay updated on budget spill-overs and optimization opportunities while Spark keeps you informed over trigger commands.