15 Reasons Why You Need to Hire An Ad Agency To Skyrocket Your Growth

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15 Reasons Why You Need to Hire An Ad Agency To Skyrocket Your Growth

Agency - Client collaboration workflow

You see the numbers below?

If you think that 'any' advertising is good advertising, then forget these numbers. You'll never achieve them.

You need 'Great' advertising, 'Good' won't do!

A step-by-step analysis on how hiring an ad agency can help you achieve rocket growth

Great communication can be the difference between rapid growth, or the slow death of your business.Every smart business owner understands that marketing and advertising is the key to the success and growth of his/her company. Yet many still think they can tackle their marketing needs in-house. But can you achieve extraordinary growth with an internal marketing team?

Not every business can afford to maintain a strong internal marketing team and usually, it is just one or a few people wearing way too many hats. Expecting extraordinary results from such a team would simply be unrealistic. Because it takes diverse expertise to pull everything together into cohesive, well-thought-out campaigns. Ad agencies on the other hand can be a great source of experience and expertise that you can tap into.

While deciding on your marketing efforts, don’t just go for the obvious cost effective way, also consider options that maximize your ROI without losing valuable time. In fact, we believe it will be cheaper and more effective to hire an ad agency, as opposed to hiring a team of marketing specialists.

This blog will take you through the entire agency-client collaboration workflow to explain you how hiring an ad agency can be a real game changer for your business. For a better understanding, let's discuss the workflow in three separate phases:

  • Phase I - Ideation
  • Phase II - Implementation
  • Phase III - Interaction

Phase I - Ideation

When you hire an ad agency, you are hiring an experienced team that knows what to focus on and has refined the process needed to succeed.  Immediately after your onboarding, a team from the ad agency will sit with you and have a comprehensive discussion on the product, features and the target audience. This will be followed by a series of meetings to discuss ideas on how best to present the value proposition. After getting your approval on the value proposition, the agency will go ahead and devise a marketing strategy.

You cannot afford to have top-level advertising talent on staff.

Creating viral content and advertising that resonates with your audience takes specialty skills - a lot of them. Ad Agencies employ the talents of expert writers, designers, art directors, creative directors, web developers, business and marketing strategists, media planners etc and by hiring an agency you get total access to all these skills at a fraction of the cost.

Because the best creative minds don’t work for in-house departments!

Working with an ad agency opens up a lot of opportunities for creative people. They get to work on a variety of challenging assignments for different clients, across industries/sectors. This is the only way they can both leverage their strengths and pursue their passion. Surrounded by creativity, agencies creative a perfect environment for creative talent to thrive. Trust me, you need these guys!

A full-scale marketing team at your disposal, all the time.

When you hire an ad agency, you’re not just hiring a single copywriter , graphic designer, user interface expert, brand strategist or a project manager. With an agency relationship, you are getting an entire team that will consult with you and become an extension of your company. A complete team to effectively lead your company through the marketing, design and branding process.

A quick start - pitfalls = Valuable time saved

This could be the most important reason for hiring an ad agency. Agencies often work with a diversity of client portfolio, gaining rich experience about what works and what doesn't. Every agency has a series of best practices gleaned from years of working with clients and testing out different ideas. All of that experience and learning go into devising your marketing strategy.

“The founding team has their vision blurred by their own ambition.”

When you are involved in your business day in and day out, you may not always see things from the outside, the way a customer would. Working with an outside agency is a great way to balance your ideas with those of outside perspective. Hiring an agency will bring in fresh outlook and expertise to develop an image that resonates throughout all facets of your business.

Phase II - Implementation

How do you leverage search, social and content marketing channels to reach your target audience? How do you plan to convince and convert them? Every agency has a series of best practices gleaned from years of working with clients, and testing out different ideas and tactics. All of that experience and learnings go into devising your marketing strategy. They can quickly come up with the combination of ad factors that will skyrocket your growth. Once the strategy is approved, they get down to implement it. With continuous monitoring and testing, they optimize the campaigns and refine the strategy. And the cycle repeats. The agency gets better with each passing iteration, bringing down your cost/conversion.

Without a strategy to spread your story, your idea is going nowhere!

For your business to fly you need a consistent and coordinated marketing effort across Search, Social and Content.But where do you start? How do you prioritize? A clear marketing plan specific to your business objectives, budget and branding, needs to decide that. With an experienced agency by your side, you can be assured of a perfect marketing strategy.

Building a strong brand is the best investment your business can make.

Branding is beyond just a memorable logo! Good branding can change the trajectory of your business forever. It will add to your legitimacy, create excitement and make customer acquisition so much easier. Ad agencies have a great deal of creative and design resources at their disposal , and with all that experience , they can build you an awesome brand.  

See your campaigns up and running in just a few days!

Agencies act as an external marketing department, and don’t require much management on your part. Once you give them an update on your product, features and roadmap, your marketing goes into autopilot mode. They put together content calendars, campaign ideas, and start handling all the day-to-day work, leaving business owners to focus on growing their business.

You don't wanna pay for dud leads, right?

Coordinated campaigns and continuous monitoring are crucial for achieving the best marketing results. One big problem with an in-house marketing team is that your employees are always working on various projects and hardly have time for continuous monitoring. An ad agency on the other hand,  has a dedicated account executive constantly monitoring your campaigns.

Agencies move quickly and test repeatedly, getting better each time

Marketing — online or offline — requires a significant investment of time, energy and financial resources. And so, every marketing asset needs to be tested diligently to find out what's working and what’s not. This ensures that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to do something better and for less. Agencies know this because they’ve experimented with various approaches in the past.

Unlike you, agencies invest on multiple tools for data analysis

Ad agencies don't just get you great results - they even analyze and quantify them for you. Seeing where certain ideas hit or missed, and re-calibrating for future efforts. Their ability to analyse multiple campaigns and endless metrics is the reason they are able to produce such good results. Agencies have the resources to invest in better tools for data analysis.  

The faster you figure out what's driving conversions, the faster you grow!

Optimization is not a one time activity. All your campaigns need to be constantly monitored, tested and analysed to improve conversion rates. And budget needs to be reallocated to those areas that are delivering the best results.  Campaigns eat a lot of your budget if you fail to optimize them quickly. You need a full-time professional to analyse the results and optimize your campaigns.

Hiring a reputable firm can bring instant recognition and credibility

Ad agencies will also help you with media purchasing, such as ads placed in magazines, newspapers, television broadcasts and radio shows. Agencies have an intimate knowledge of pricing, effective scheduling and results-oriented media platforms. Hiring an agency will give you instant access to this network, saving you considerable time, money and effort.

Phase III - Interaction

The way your audience interact with your marketing campaigns decide your growth trajectory. And for this to happen your ads need to resonate with them. A lot of testing and creativity go into creating such viral campaigns.  Ad Agencies employ diverse talent like writers, designers, art directors, creative directors, photographers, videographers, directors, audio engineers etc. with special skills needed to create such viral campaigns. A successful campaign can bring you a lot more than mere leads and revenue. It will solidify  your brand and make customer acquisition so much easier and cheaper, changing your growth trajectory forever.

Increase your chances of hitting a home run, hire an agency

It may seem a bit dramatic, but a single campaign / blog / video post that goes viral can literally change the trajectory of your business. A successful viral campaign could easily pull an extra 100,000 people to your site. This is exactly the sort of results you need to achieve exceptional growth for your business, massive marketing home runs that drive huge numbers of sign ups and shares. This is one big reason why you need to hire an ad agency.

A clear accountability structure to ensure timely execution

With an ad agency, you ideally have a single point of contact—an account executive—you can lean on to coordinate getting all your work done. Having a great account executive you can rely on to oversee your advertising business can save you countless hours you’d otherwise spend bringing together the right team for each part of the job and keeping your projects moving.

All these factors will work together to give you extraordinary results!

Consider the tremendous amount of thought, research and time that goes into branding, positioning and design process. Employing and retaining such diverse creative talent is impossible for the majority of businesses. Even when you assign marketing tasks to a small internal marketing team, you cannot except exceptional results. Don’t lower your standards in hopes of saving a few dollars today.  Marketing agencies devote most of their waking hours to successful marketing partnerships. Find a fitting agency who can work within your budget to help you make a significant splash. It will save you time and money, and your reputation is counting on it.

Frankly, you can't expect more than mere leads, with an internal marketing team

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