A Robust CRM, Purpose-built For Ad Agencies

A CRM kept simple enough so account executives in the creative industry can start using it right away

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Everyone on the same page.

Whether you are an owner, creative director or account executive, ReportGarden CRM Software gives you complete visibility into client requirements and helps you better manage multiple clients & projects. No matter where you work or what your role is, everyone will be always up to date.


Create and nurture a fruitful relationship with your clients.

 Every client interaction captured and updated real time.

ReportGarden CRM uses a passive email tracking system, that automatically captures your communication with clients and contacts. This information is auto-updated and is made available to your entire team, obviating the need for manual updates. Now managing client information and channeling the workflow becomes effortless.

All your client information at one place.

Creative Brief  |  Product Details  | Schedule Meetings  | Campaign alerts|  Budget alerts

Enables easy collaboration between account teams.


 Optimize Resource Allocation Across Accounts. 

ReportGarden CRM provides you with a real-time updated data on the requirements of various clients. Account Managers can now keep a track of ongoing projects, forecast future requirements and decide on work priorities, from a single platform. Optimize the way you allocate resources between accounts.

Manage your workflow from a single platform.

Manage – Ongoing Projects  |  Resources and Skills  | Teams  | Project Progress

Tap into your client’s connections, effortlessly

 Stay In Control Of Operations.

An employee’s resignation doesn’t mean the next person should have to build client relationships from scratch, and your client need not experience the pain of onboarding someone new. ReportGarden CRM saves every client interaction and tracks all projects, making transitions smoother and efficient.

Build certainty into your operations.

Single source of data  |  Smooth Onboarding  |  Flexible resource allocation

Every integration in ReportGarden is client driven