Analytics behaviour reports

Extract User Behavior Analytics From Google Analytics Behavior Reports

By Advertising

Today, the competition between the businesses has become so fierce that every business organization is trying its best to gain an edge over its competitors. The evolution of digital channels and social media platforms has only added to the worries of the businesses, because, to stay ahead, an organization needs to optimize its presence on all the digital channels. While it’s important that you leverage all the available channels to target and interact with your existing & potential customers, but, one of the digital entities that can help you significantly improve your offerings, marketing strategies as well as ROI is…

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10 Essential Google Analytics Report For PPC Professionals

By Product

PPC or Adwords is one of the best tools to enhance the flow of visitors to your site. With Adwords, it’s pretty easy to calculate that how much money your ads are costing and how many conversions are being delivered by the ads. But, unless you use Google Analytics, what happens between the click and the conversion remains a mystery. When you use the PPC campaigns to attract the potential customers to your website or landing page. Google Analytics provides the invaluable insights which exhibit that after clicking on the ad, how people are engaging with your website. It also…

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Google Analytics Metrics

The Ultimate Guide To Google Analytics Metrics

By Google Analytics

When you are a brand with a website with useful content or unique products, your website is destined to attract an audience. Even so, you must be able to hold and convert the potential customers into loyal customers. This all depends on how you choose to optimize and use these Google Analytics Metrics so that they best fit your brand and website. But out of all what does Google Analytics track? There are so many different ways that a website can increase their rates of retention and conversion. But prior to taking on the endeavour you must figure out which…

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[Infographic] Google Analytics Custom Reports for Clients

By Ad Agency, Advertising, Google Analytics

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” In 1910, Scottish writer and poet Andrew Lang said, “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts—€”for support rather than illumination.” Decades later, many modern businesses still do just that, using data to support rather than drive their decisions. Why? After all, data really is valuable only if it helps a company make better decisions. Your organization might be sitting on the world’s largest data pile, but it’s useless unless you have the means to translate it into insights that drive your business. With that in mind,…

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A Definitive Guide to Real-Time Google Analytics Client Reports

By Ad Agency, Advertising, Google Analytics, Reporting Tool

“Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!”  – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Conan Doyle’s famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, couldn’t form any theories or draw any conclusions until he had sufficient data. Data is the basic building block of everything we do in analytics: the reports we build, the analyses we perform, the decisions we influence, and the optimizations we derive. When you’re battling for a competitive advantage in business, analytics data can be equally important to your success. Well over a year ago now, I found myself in a bit of a situation. A new client…

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Google analytics reports

Google Analytics Reports Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

By Ad Agency, Google Analytics

Three statisticians went hunting in the woods. Before long, one of them pointed to a plump pigeon in a tree, and the three of them stopped and took aim. The first fired, missing the bird by a couple of inches to the left. Immediately afterwards the second fired, but also missed, a couple of inches to the right. The third put down his gun exclaiming, “Great shooting lads, on average I reckon we got it…” This remains one of my favourite analysis stories ever. Back in the day, if you had a business all you had to do was promote…

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We are bringing Google Analytics reports to ReportGarden

By Feature Update
This November we are adding one of the most requested features to ReportGarden. We are adding support for Google Analytics reports to be be generated. We have been promising this feature for a long time and we are finally able to keep that promise. Take a look at how you can activate this feature in your account now. Google Analytics reports are just as easy to create as Adwords reports We have used the knowledge we have gained creating Google Adwords Reports and utilized it to create the Analytics Report creator. We decided to use a similar report creation interface as we did for the adwords reports. Take a look at the analytics report creator below. Combine data from Google Analytics and Adwords into one report With this new update, you can add google analytics and adwords data to the same report. Switching between analytics and adwords is as simple...
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Understanding Google AdWords Analytics Reports

By Ad Agency, Adwords, Marketing

“Get the Facts, Be Sure and then Decide.” Ezra Taft Benson Picture the scene: It’s 10am on a Monday and you’re sitting in a meeting room surrounded by tired-looking colleagues, all hoping the speaker will hurry up already because it’s time for some coffee. Someone proposes a solution based on the latest data and you can feel the collective sense of relief that finally, a decision can be made. Coffee time? Not so fast! Generally, the client makes a claim based on web analytics data and wants to jump right into action and use it to make a business decision….

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35+ Best Social Media Analytics Tools

35+ Best Social Media Analytics Tools

By facebook ads, Reporting Tool, Social Media

Not every social media analytics tool is built to service every kind of business. The needs of an enterprise-size business hardly match those of a fledgling agency. For example, a social media marketing agency could benefit from a tool such as ReportGarden, which provides white-label reporting as well as budgeting, proposal, and invoicing functionality. An enterprise-level organization might find more value in a social listening tool that can monitor all of the social media sites for the thousands of daily mentions of their brand name. Here’s a breakdown of the 35+ best social media tools, organized into five different categories based…

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