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6 Step daily AdWords Management Routine

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This is an excellent example of how not to run a search marketing campaign! eBay once announced that the company is pulling the plug on its AdWords account and pointed to its recent research that paid ads don’t work. A lot of things don’t work when you don’t use them properly (you can’t take a shower in your dishwasher), however, and eBay seems to have conducted a shocking number of silly things in its AdWords account. eBay has done a pretty bad job with its ads. Bizarre, boring, and repetitive ad text combined with aggressive use of DKI (Dynamic Keyword…

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[Infographic] Weekly AdWords Management Checklist

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“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.” – Gary Vaynerchuk But as a busy marketer, you don’t have a ton of time to manage your AdWords account. It is not that you don’t care, you just have other things to work on. Like actually running a business. Besides, why should you spend time in your dashboard when your efforts to date haven’t shown much success? a a To put it in simple terms, improving your AdWords account is much like building your muscles at the gym. It isn’t about working longer or harder. It’s about working smarter. Just like your frequency…

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[Infographic] 10 Steps to creating Google AdWords YouTube Ads

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“Business is a game, played for fantastic stakes and you are in competition with experts. If you want to win you have to learn to be The master of the game.”- Sidney Sheldon And this is exactly what Google AdWords stands by either while launching a new feature or while updating an existing one. So, abiding by this Google recently announced that TrueView video campaigns are getting wrapped right into the main AdWords interface and here is Ryan Noel, a video advertising expert talking about this new interface. a The new AdWords interface features have been updated to make video campaigns…

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The 35 Fastest-Growing Digital Ad Agencies in New York

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“Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.”  –  Mark Twain It’s a funny story…… When I was in college, I was sitting in a bar with a friend and we were looking for a one-hour college course to fit into our schedules. It had to be between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M., and we decided the first thing that fit, we’d take. Advertising starts with an ‘A,’ and that’s how we picked it. I remember telling my friend that I had no idea what advertising was all about. I can’t write jingles and I don’t…

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21 Things You Didn’t Know About Search Ads [Infographic]

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Paid search testing, optimization and reporting is an important process for almost all digital companies. Most marketers focus on optimization through bids and keywords but ignore improvements that can take place at the creative level. The goal of this post is to introduce our readership to the type of testing and data collection that can take place at the creative level.   Try our Free Marketing Client Reports! To help provide our readers with some high quality knowledge and the associated data, we’ve brought in Jason Puckett, CEO & Founder of AdBasis. AdBasis is an A/B and Multivariate testing platform…

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Top 25 Digital Ad Agencies in Chicago

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“She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.” – Mark Twain Behind every great digital campaign is a great agency. Thanks to the growing role of internet in our lives, agencies have come a long way in the past decade, and they’ve begun to hone in on and innovate in the realm of digital marketing. Whether the agency is a dozen people or 500, or was founded as a traditional agency or a digital agency, every creative group brings its own flair and aesthetic to its work.  And…

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15 Reasons Why You Need An Ad Agency To Skyrocket Your Growth

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“Independent agencies aren’t required to live quarter-to-quarter. We are our own stakeholders and stockholders. We can take calculated risks, work with clients we truly want and partner with suppliers we know will deliver.” – Tom Bertels | Managing Partner, Sullivan Higdon & Sink “The net result is we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients and our employees, welcoming many of them back after they see how the other agencies are run.” – Josh Mayer | Chief Creative Officer, Peter Mayer “Because Planit is independent, we allow our true ideas rise to the top, unfiltered, unedited by someone else’s agenda. We…

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60 Alternative PPC Ad Networks for Low-Cost Marketing

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Get new additional traffic over a competitor, for a fraction of the cost on Google and Bing. Successful Ad Agencies always measure their success on the value they create for their clients, on the leads and traffic they bring, while continuing to improve return on investment. A major part of their strategy includes Google AdWords and Facebook, but that is never the end. There are many other advertising networks out there, with unique offerings that can bring in quality clicks and conversions at lower costs. Leveraging these networks, experimenting with these platforms can bring in some really amazing returns! There’s…

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Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords in ROI Perspective [Infographic]

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It’s the age of social interaction, and people are sick of seeing generic ad after generic ad. If you can be the advertiser who understands your audience using search query analysis, if you can cater t their individual needs with relevant ads and landing pages, if you can be the one who makes a mark in your industry, customers will reward you with their wallet. It’s your opportunity to stand out from the competition. So take it. The searches done per month for a generic (short-tail) keyword (like “AdWords reports”) would be much greater than that of a long tail keyword…

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9 Qualities To Look For In A New Adwords Hire [Infographic]

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You need AdWords Superstars not just employees! ‘Good is the enemy of the great’ ‘The Winner takes it all’ is the stark reality of marketing. No points for coming 2nd. When it comes to marketing, mediocre work is absolutely futile. In order to stand out, your ads need to be great and not just good! For your ads to be great, your AdWords experts need to be superstars and not just employees! Being an AdWords certified professional in itself does not give legitimacy. Certification requires passing a few fairly easy exams, as well as maintaining a minimum monthly AdWords spend…

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