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Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Strategic Insights from the Founder of ConversionEngine

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Joe Putnam owns the performance marketing agency ConversionEngine where his team helps eCommerce stores use Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) to 2X-10X their sales. He’s helped businesses grow their SEO traffic 17X, rank top 3 for highly competitive short-tail SEO terms, and grow year-over-year sales 70%. When we decided to put together a high level overview of Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, Joe was kind enough to sit down with us and explain his perspective on the two platforms from both the 10,000 feet view and the ground level. In this article we’ll share his insights about the essential considerations that anyone…

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How to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency: 20 Tactics to Land New Business

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Client turnover is a fundamental part of the marketing agency business, and whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a decade, the story is often the same. You have a particular contact at a company who you’ve been working with. At some point, a better opportunity comes along and that person ends up at a new company. And then their boss or replacement decides to go in a different direction and you no longer have them as a client. Maybe you’re a one-man band, or maybe you’re supporting a small or even substantial team. Either way, the question…

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Going Beyond eCommerce: How to Calculate Return on Ad Spend for Subscription Services and Complex B2B Sales

Going Beyond eCommerce: How to Calculate Return on Ad Spend for Subscription Services and Complex B2B Sales

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In writing this article, we consulted with Adam Dolan, founder of First Spark Digital. We’d like to thank Adam for sharing his time, knowledge, and expertise on this topic! Calculating your return on advertising spend (ROAS) has varying levels of complexity depending on the type of business that you’re a part of or the type of business that you serve. With eCommerce businesses, for example, ROAS on your pay per click (PPC) campaigns with Google Adwords and Facebook ads is straightforward. But what about when you need to calculate it for subscription services? Or more complex B2B sales? In this article, we…

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Facebook Ad Retargeting Strategy: Take Segmenting Deeper by Targeting Pain Points, Engagement, and Knowledge

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There’s a simple reason why retargeting ads are effective: They hit a warm audience with compelling content and relevant offers. However, “compelling content and relevant offers” is where many businesses and agencies fall short. Many marketers miss the opportunity for higher conversion rates and better ROAS simply because their segmentation is surface level rather than diving into the specific experiences of potential customers. Retargeting based on website visitors, brand video views, or someone following the company Facebook page is just the beginning. For insight into next-level retargeting strategies, we spoke to Mitch Correia, Facebook Ads expert and the founder of an…

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