Facebook Metrics Simplified: What Marketers Need To Know

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Facebook marketing is emerging as a huge craze for many businesses. And why not, today Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms which empower the marketers to reach a huge base of the target audience and grow business revenues. But, how do you figure out if this platform is really beneficial for you? Well, unless you are able to measure what’s really working and what isn’t, it would all be GUESS WORK! This is where Facebook Metrics comes in. Facebook Metrics help you measure and monitor the real impact of your marketing campaigns so that you can quickly optimize them. In this blog post, we would show you 10 important metrics that you can really bank on, for arbitrating the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns.   Facebook Metrics – What Should You Measure? So, what do businesses mostly measure on Facebook?  – Their Facebook page “Likes”. But…

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Unique Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Analytics

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LinkedIn is a social media platform which is built specifically for professionals and brands to connect. This social media platform might guide you to believe that its usage is only for B2B companies. But this is not the truth. LinkedIn is overlooked by some businesses for their own marketing efforts. LinkedIn has many well-defined advantages over the most popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is clearly very powerful. It provides a great way to prospect and network. Also for B2C companies, LinkedIn has a lot of benefits. Using LinkedIn analytics LinkedIn Analytics is also represented in impressions, clicks, shares, and followers like other popular social media platforms. But for now, only insights for Company Pages are offered by LinkedIn. There are multiple number of ways in which LinkedIn analytics can be used. LinkedIn analytics is used to assist the recruiting efforts by many companies….

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Power Of Online And Social Media: Changing The Political Landscape

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Social Media has emerged as one of the most powerful platforms available on the planet for marketing, networking furthermore building social connections. Today there are billions of internet users across the globe using different social media platforms. And practically speaking these platforms have actually captured their entire imaginations. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the extreme impact build by these internet networks is actually quite hard to mitigate. There is a lot about social media in politics which you might now know. This blog post would take you through how this platform is impacting the political landscape. Social Media In Politics – A New Trend Social media has become an increasingly significant part of the daily lives of billions of users, and politics is no exception. Its impact in politics has become the new trend as it grows in importance as a forum for political activism….

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Single Reporting And Ticketing – A Boon For Digital Marketing Agencies

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In this fast pace world, even digital marketers need an effective solution for their basic marketing needs like SEO analytics, sales rep, rank tracking, content marketing, etc. Using an all in one tool for each requirement might be the easier option but isn’t as effective. Agencies need something that can analyze all the factors deeply and provide a full proof report within a short span of time. Single reporting has an individual platform for each task needed by any marketing agency. From basic product payments to salaries of the employees, each matter needs to be tackled separately, and thus ticketing system along with single marketing is what every agency needs. Read 8 Steps to choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency How does it improve marketing campaign monitoring? When each issue is being tackled at separate platforms via ticketing, monitoring marketing campaigns becomes easier, less complicated and thorough. You can easily…

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Create A Perfect SEO Report For Clients - 6 Essential Pointers

Create A Perfect SEO Report For Clients – 6 Essential Pointers

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SEO Report plays a key role in tracking and monitoring the key indicators of search engine optimization and online marketing success. Without these reports understanding what is working and what is not, and where to focus more efforts is totally impossible. SEO Reports in real brings together information on current performance and improvement areas from multiple sources (like Google Analytics) into one unified and easy to understand snapshot. Yes, SEO is a complicated concept, and your aim should be to make easier for your client understand. This blog explains what it takes to create perfect SEO Reports. Let’s take a look at 6 essential SEO metrics you should include in your client’s SEO Reports.   How Should A Perfect SEO Report Look Like? A Perfect SEO report should narrate a story, and this story should be both for the SEO expert and the business clients. When building an SEO reporting…

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PPC Reporting – 5 Pitfalls To Avoid At All Cost

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Pay Per Click (PPC) reports are customized reports that provide complete information about the performance of a PPC Campaign, ad group, and keywords. PPC reporting basically provide an overview of the entire campaign which includes clicks, spend, and click through rates, conversion data, quality scores, display impressions, cost per click rates and much more. Running such reports for your clients as often as possible is indispensable to develop a well-seasoned and lucrative PPC strategy. These reports truly are a treasure house of data, as it helps in optimizing the testing process and improves bidding and pricing tactics to find new keywords and placements. PPC reporting is crucial as your client needs to know if you are hitting the goals, or at least making some progress.  It also gives you the opportunity to prove your worth and continue to earn good paychecks. So what is keeping you away from making great…

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Multi Channel Funnel Reports – Tool To Declutter Your Attribution Analysis

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Many businesses face difficulty in efficiently recognizing and measuring user-actions on their websites. This is because, the digital multi-channel web creates chaotic data overload which contributes to the never ending struggle for the businesses to monitor multiple channels, analyze reports on how their marketing budget is consumed, and ultimately optimize their revenues. But how do they finally realize what is really driving the best ROI? Well, understanding “Attribution” can play a chief role in unlocking valuable data which can highlight the real information that helps in realizing what really drives the best ROI. This blog post is going to talk about what digital marketing attribution is and how multi channel funnel reports in Google Analytics can help you crack attribution analysis and achieve great results. Read More Blogs on Google Analytics Digital Marketing Attribution Digital marketing attribution is a model that identifies the value in the action users take on…

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Facebook Ad Hacks by Ashley Davis

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Social media marketing is the most befitting way for promoting your brand, products and services in today’s app loving world. The more people know about your company and what it does the more clients you get. The clients may be small and big firms or individuals. There are some basic guidelines which are necessary to follow when marketing about what you do. But companies often seem to ignore these and land up expending too much money without building the required client base. This blog post is for all the people and companies who want to build from scratch or expand their client base. Ashley Davis is a social media agent from Miami, Florida. In a recent webinar hosted by ReportGarden, he explained the importance of social media, substantially Facebook and its application for your business growth. He shared the Facebook ads targeting tips, Facebook ads hacks and Facebook ads setup….

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Ways To Read PPC Campaign Reports For Client Success

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If you are a novice Google AdWords practitioner, you would know there are tons of metrics available to track and analyze your efforts towards the SEM, but tracking each and every metrics would be confusing and cumbersome. Since we all have limited bandwidth, it is effective to narrow down to some limited number of key metrics that would provide you with a proper insight into the results of your PPC campaigns. These five key metrics will give you a great overview of the campaign’s performance, and tracking of these over time will provide a valuable data of your success. But note that you should also keep a track on other available metrics over a period of time. Important metrics to measure PPC campaign success 1. Quality score   Quality Score is a metric by Google to determine your Page Rank. Ad relevancy, CTR, and landing page optimization are the factors…

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Ways To Improve Marketing ROI Using Web Analytics

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Web analytics provides real insights on how good a website is at achieving its goals. For business websites, it implies how well it is delivering business. Every business wants to increase their sales and decrease their marketing costs, and using web analytics is an important step to ensuring a better marketing ROI and also to bring in qualified leads to the sales funnel. How are web analytics tools becoming an important part? Image CC   “The web analytics market is estimated to grow from $1.33 billion in 2014 to $3.09 billion in 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.3% from 2014 to 2019” – Source With the increasing demand of the online market, you need to measure almost every aspect of the sales and marketing process so you can get a better ROI and this requirement can only be fulfilled by making the right decision at the…

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