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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Sending Out A Online Invoice

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Can your business afford to waste time in waiting for the receivables to be paid? Well, the answer here has to be a No, isn’t it? Getting paid on time is one of the most challenging and important aspects of running a business. After all, it is impossible to handle business expenses without having proper cash flows. Invoicing the clients is one of the most crucial steps to get paid for the services rendered. Also, there is this great need to get the invoices in front of the clients as fast as possible because this is the only way to…

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Track Every Prospect And Client Interaction With CRM Software

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CRM software has been one of the most successfully growing products over the past decade. Last year, in 2016, we already saw CRM software entering mobile devices and their growth was further aided by the development of cloud-based CRM solutions, allowing businesses and employees to easily interact, share and access data on the go. In fact, the popularity of CRM software has grown so much that 91% of businesses across the globe, with more than 11 employees, use some kind of CRM software technology. What is CRM Software? Business CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software help automate sales, leads, budgets, projects,…

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How to tackle Google Webmaster Errors ?

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Google’s Webmaster Tools have undergone quite a lot of change over the past 6 years. So much change that they’re now known as ‘Google Search Console’. With its growth, Google has released a lot of features, such as the ‘Search Analytics’ and ‘Links to your site’, which weren’t present in the old Webmaster Tools. All these changes are very important for the development of SEO and Google devotes quite a few resources to upgrading their systems. This has also resulted in better management of errors. Many a times, a lot of webmaster/SEO errors, or the ‘crawl’ errors prop up. SEO…

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Analytics behaviour reports

Extract User Behavior Analytics From Google Analytics Behavior Reports

By Advertising

Today, the competition between the businesses has become so fierce that every business organization is trying its best to gain an edge over its competitors. The evolution of digital channels and social media platforms has only added to the worries of the businesses, because, to stay ahead, an organization needs to optimize its presence on all the digital channels. While it’s important that you leverage all the available channels to target and interact with your existing & potential customers, but, one of the digital entities that can help you significantly improve your offerings, marketing strategies as well as ROI is…

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Checklist To Build Your Custom Marketing Attribution Models

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One of the most critical parts of marketing is determining which campaigns are driving maximum ROI (Return on Investments), but typical user behavior makes it very challenging to find a clear answer. Only when the marketers have this data is when they can meritoriously allocate their resources to acquire new customers, and strategize for future growth. This is one reason why many marketers are leveraging a new approach called – Marketing Attribution. What Is Marketing attribution? This is a practice which basically introduces a way to assign a value to every marketing channel that played a role in informing and…

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client reporting

Client Reporting – The Most Important Activity A Digital Marketing Agency Should Perform

By Ad Agency, Reporting Tool

Your clients are really busy professionals; do you think they would like multiple emails from you containing tons of data? Well, this is not what your clients need. Clients need effectual reporting from you, something which is concise, comes in a timely manner, supported by logical data, relevant for evaluating the success of their investments and most importantly actionable. Most agencies recognize the indispensable role of client reporting in servicing their valued clients and this function continues to evolve as a way for them to differentiate themselves and provide best-in-class service. Reporting plays a key role in a digital marketing…

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1. Exception-Reporting

Automated Reporting – Key To Cut Your Reporting Time To Zero

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It quite surprising to see that even in this fast paced digital world still, many organizations follow the process of manual reporting on a daily basis.  Guess such organizations are totally unaware of how much more efficient they can become with an automated reporting solution in place. We have noticed time and again that agencies spend weeks and months struggling to patch together silos of information to create reports for their clients. Sadly, despite all the hard work such reports usually contain old information which is far less actionable. Basically, they provide a historical view of what went wrong, rather…

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Single Reporting And Ticketing – A Boon For Digital Marketing Agencies

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In this fast pace world, even digital marketers need an effective solution for their basic marketing needs like SEO analytics, sales rep, rank tracking, content marketing, etc. Using an all in one tool for each requirement might be the easier option but isn’t as effective. Agencies need something that can analyze all the factors deeply and provide a full proof report within a short span of time. Single reporting has an individual platform for each task needed by any marketing agency. From basic product payments to salaries of the employees, each matter needs to be tackled separately, and thus ticketing…

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Create A Perfect SEO Report For Clients - 6 Essential Pointers

Create A Perfect SEO Report For Clients – 6 Essential Pointers

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SEO Report plays a key role in tracking and monitoring the key indicators of search engine optimization and online marketing success. Without these reports understanding what is working and what is not, and where to focus more efforts is totally impossible. SEO Reports in real brings together information on current performance and improvement areas from multiple sources (like Google Analytics) into one unified and easy to understand snapshot. Yes, SEO is a complicated concept, and your aim should be to make easier for your client understand. This blog explains what it takes to create perfect SEO Reports. Let’s take a…

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PPC Campaign

Ways To Read PPC Campaign Reports For Client Success

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If you are a novice Google AdWords practitioner, you would know there are tons of metrics available to track and analyze your efforts towards the SEM, but tracking each and every metrics would be confusing and cumbersome. Since we all have limited bandwidth, it is effective to narrow down to some limited number of key metrics that would provide you with a proper insight into the results of your PPC campaigns. These five key metrics will give you a great overview of the adwords campaign’s performance, and tracking of these over time will provide a valuable data of your success….

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